WhatsApp is Re-Launching its Controversial Privacy Policy Update

Following a surge of criticism with its first move, WhatsApp is eventually reintroducing the latest Privacy Policy upgrade, which will see the app sharing more details with Facebook – though only in regards to business-specific activities within the messaging platform.

WhatsApp first chose to postpone the update due to heavy customer opposition, but with these recent in-app updates, WhatsApp users are being reminded of the upcoming change once again.

You may be aware that in January, WhatsApp first started the new update via more direct in-call notifications, which caused enormous controversy among WhatsApp users who worried about the change in WhatsApp’s personal information shared with Facebook parent company soon, including access to private messages, and were forced to accept the update.

But ultimately, WhatsApp has to make the transition easier for Facebook to introduce wider e-commerce messaging plans, such as Facebook pay and cross-app access. It’s going again.

And though this time, the effects of not approving the move are very steep, it takes a much lighter approach to this problem.

As noted by WhatsApp:

“After a period of several weeks, the [privacy policy update] reminder people receive will eventually become persistent. At that time, you’ll encounter limited functionality on WhatsApp until you accept the updates. This will not happen to all users at the same time.”

So, while WhatsApp has assured everybody of not approving the latest update that it will uninstall no one’s account, the app will be pointless before you accept it. So it is in this context, really, just terminology.

The upgrade is only for the use of the data from such contacts for advertisements or other messaging purposes by selected companies in the app. Although, as noted, WhatsApp would ultimately have further payment solutions while moving on the wider message incorporation strategy of Facebook.

In this regard, it is not an extraordinary or even controversial update in the grand scheme of things. However, it can, in certain ways, lessen WhatsApp’s overarching privacy priority, which naturally has several people concerned.

We’ll have to watch to see if that’s enough to get more users to uninstall the app completely.

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