What to Eat and What to Avoid Tips for Ramadan Diet

The holy month is full of goodness, but Ramadan comes at its summer height this year. Ramadan is just few days away. It is necessary to keep energy and avoid the unhealthy food temptations of the month.

Understanding The Nutritional Criteria

You should eat foods high in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals during Ramadan, and you should take care to drink more water, in order to satisfy your day’s energy and nutritional needs.

Simultaneously, this doesn’t mean that you eat everything you like in suhoor at once. If you do, the body cannot use the energy consumption simultaneously, which will result in an increase in weight. Your body adapts during Ramadan to the eating habits.

What to Avoid

Carbonated foods: avoid drinks and carbonated beverages. Keep the thirst softened by daily water and coconut water.
High-sugar foods: high-sugar diet products can be avoided, such as cookies and chocolates. They are a cause of immediate weight gain which can contribute to complexities as they are eaten daily.
Oily foods: Greasy and fried foods can be avoided, such as fried dumplings and samosas. Also avoid grassy curries and pastries in Ramadan to support the body healthily. Salty food: sodium deficiency in the body makes you very sedate during fasting, so consider avoiding salted almonds, pickles, chips and foods containing soy sauce.

What to Eat

Enough fluids: Drink as much water or fruit juice between Iftar and bedtime as possible to prevent dehydration
Protein-rich food: protein-rich, most healthy eggs are high in protein. Not only do they allow you to remain whole, but they can be made to fit your taste buds in various ways.
Rich food in fibre: fiber-rich food and best food during Suhoor for your body. Soluble fibre is transformed into stomach gel and delays your metabolism, which contributes to lower blood glucose and cholesterol and is ideal for keeping you energised quickly.
Vegetables: Cucumbers, lettuce and other plants are rich in fibre and loaded with strong hydrating characteristics. 

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