Proton Saga to launch in Pakistan 2021

Malaysian automaker Proton(4.5 Million Internationally Satisfied Customers), which has partnered with Al-Haj, the Pakistani manufacturer of FAW automobiles, will launch its 1300cc sedan called Saga on April 4 with the lowest price tag in the segment.

Engine and Transmission:

All three models are powered by a 1299cc engine. Meanwhile, the Regular version is available in both Manual (5-Speed) and Auto Transmission (4-Speed), while the Ace variant is only available in Auto Transmission (4-Speed). So, the only distinction between these three models is the manual and automatic transmission; everything else is the same.

The Exterior:

Proton Saga has 14-inch Steel Rims, while the Ace MT has 15-inch Alloy Wheels. Besides that, all three variants have Halogen headlights, while Regular variants do not have DRLs and Ace has LED ones. In contrast, Power Windows, Electric Door Mirrors with LED Turn, and Keyless Entry with Remote Trunk are standard on all three models.

The Interior:

Hydraulic Power Steering is standard on all three models. Multi-Media Steering is not available in any of the Standard models, but it is available in the Ace edition. Besides that, all Standard models have a Standard Audio System, while SAGA Premium has a 7-inch Touch screen, giving the latter a distinct advantage over the other two vehicles.

The Price:

The price of three new Proton Saga 2021 versions are as follows:

  • Standard MT                                Rs. 1,975,000
  • Standard AT                                 Rs. 2, 125, 000
  • Ace AT                                          Rs. 2, 225,000

What are your thoughts on the Proton SAGA’s requirements, features, and options? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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