pfSense vs Untangle: Which is Better and Why?

Are you looking to protect and manage your network? The appropriate firewall will improve your network security procedures and give you a versatile platform that meets your demands. This pfSense vs Untangle review covers two straightforward and versatile firewall solutions. PfSense and Untangle NG are rival firewall systems offering choices for SMBs, remote workers, home offices, and bigger campuses aimed to assist users in managing and protecting their networks against assaults (e.g., phishing, malware).

This article will compare pfSense vs Untangle and evaluate how they stand up against each other concerning firewall protection, content filtering, bandwidth management, user policy administration, remote access, license pricing, and maintenance expenses.

pfSense vs. Untangle

pfSense is a free and open-source firewall and router that also features unified threat monitoring, load balancing, multi-WAN, and more

Untangle NG Firewall filters traffic based on IP address, protocol, and port, enabling administrators to choose which systems and services (HTTP, FTP, etc.) are publicly exposed.

PfSense and Untangle NG Firewall support core network security features such as spam or GeoIP blocking, VPN functionality, WAN balancing, etc.. Still, consumers describe a few standout features that distinguish them from each other. However, bear in mind these are similar entry-level network security options, equally well regarded.

PfSense Features

PfSense has a robust and friendly open-source community, with lots of documentation and experience accessible online to get people started. The open-source Community Edition of the product is usable. Using it, organizations with unique security needs may design a solution to meet their particular requirements for little cost, low resource use, and on commodity hardware if needed. PfSense offers libraries of free and paid add-ons that provide additional features and build on core functionality. Its VPN and load balancing are appreciated.

PfSense Pros

  • pfSense is a great firewall – It logs all of your traffic. It contains packages you can install to snort harmful traffic.
  • Straightforward setup and easy management
  • Great all-round functionality and performance
  • The first setup is straightforward.
  • Very easy to detect problems by conducting packet captures on GUI and command line

PfSense Cons

  • Critical add-ons may be discontinued without warning
  • Difficult to understand for novice users
  • Some network cards might be troublesome
  • The technical support has to be enhanced

Untangle Features

Untangle NG Firewall apps share a UI that is easy to work with, and notably, Untangle apps also function well with the user’s choice of hardware, from commodity to corporate (e.g., Cisco) appliances, or Untangle’s own budget-friendly z series. Implementing Untangle is easy. Particularly, Untangle NG Firewall’s web filtering capability is particularly well respected and allows administrators to selectively restrict sections of a website without banning the entire site. Users report excellent, responsive service from Untangle’s customer assistance team.

Untangle Pros

  • Quick to set up and easy to integrate
  • Comprehensive network security needs covered by single package
  • Impressive connection and performance
  • Offers full insight and analysis
  • Features a choice of free apps for extra value

Untangle Cons

  • Untangle NG Firewall has little documentation in contrast to PfSense
  • Untangle pricing might grow quickly for the user on a budget
  • The pricing should be decreased because it is expensive.


PfSense is open-source and available for free download. The company also provides a broad range of pre-configured hardware, ranging from $179.00 to $5,298.00. Additionally, PfSense is accessible in a cloud-based service, beginning at $0.08 per hour. Cloud-based pricing varies depending on whether you utilize AWS or Microsoft Azure. Contact the seller for a personalized quotation.

Untangle NG Firewall provides a free 14-day trial. Their Complete plan starts at $25.00 per month and includes all of the product’s features and capabilities for up to 12 licensed devices. Pricing for the Complete package varies depending on the number of licensed machines. The z series appliances are offered from $299 for the branch office z4 and range to z20 campus edition, coming in at $3499.

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Untangle NG, and PfSense firewall alternatives offer complete solutions to network security demands for different-sized businesses. They integrate the greatest technologies available for increased protection while being incredibly easy to use. These alternatives are sturdy, simple, and offer outstanding all-around performance.

Both pfSense and Untangle are relatively well priced, allowing you to get coverage on a budget. If you are a small to medium business firm with simple firewall requirements, opt with Untangle. But if you are a medium to big scale business and your requirements are of an advanced type, opt for pfSense.

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