Patchy Beard Solutions – How to Fix a Patchy Beard

There will be many hurdles in the path to being a bearded beauty. It is almost sure that you will experience beard itch, perhaps beard dandruff, and maybe, just maybe, spots in your beard at some stage. Believe it or not, this is more popular than you would expect, especially among early beard growers.

There are differences among beard and scalp hair, but having fine hair on top does not guarantee a wispy beard. The beard has more cuticle scales, which causes the hair to be smoother and coarser, with a more varied appearance, and the development is less linear than on the scalp, with more irregular shapes. Having a bushy chin is a bit of a genetic lottery, but keep in mind the stubble is similar to a fingerprint – a genetic pattern that is distinctly yours and passed on by your ancestors on both sides.

Have Patience

It takes time for a beard to completely grow, and many men give up too soon. This may be attributed to itchiness or other beard issues, so you just just have to give it time. If you discover a few patches, that’s fine; just keep on to see if your patchy beard growth progresses. Men are also their own worst critics, dwelling on the flaws and contrasting their beards to other beards that have had more time to mature.

If you choose, you can set a target for yourself. Tell yourself that you can at least develop for 3 months without touching. If it really doesn’t look right after three months, you have our permission to shave it off. Please, nevertheless, just give it a chance

Apply Oil

Often it’s only a matter of putting in the work to get a fuller look. Unshaven or dried beard hair may also make the beard look patchier. Take care of your beard by shaving, conditioning, and hydrating the hair with a leave-on oil or balm, and combing through.”

Brushing and combing the beard will also enhance the health of the hair by stimulating airflow and distributing oils to the follicles, giving it shine and avoiding breakage.

Exercise Matters

Exercise can help improve testosterone levels, blood supply, metabolism, and assist in body recovery. Not just that, but you may find yourself feel and look fitter, which isn’t always a negative thing. Take a look at some of the bearded celebrities out there; all of them constantly share photos of their beards when working out on social media.

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