Pakistan – Nation Celebrates Independence Day

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan marks Independence Day with national pride and devotion to remember the day when the nation was declared an independent country after a long internal fight against the British colonial authority (British Raj) for a distinct Muslim state in the subcontinent.

The country came into being following a lengthy battle of the All-India Muslim League under the new vision of the founding father of the nation, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The Partition and establishment of a sovereign Muslim state was the aspiration of millions of Muslims of the subcontinent.

For the goal of a distinct country, the Muslims had made unmatched sacrifices, endured difficulties, migration, and left a long path of heroic struggle for the generations to come.

The Partition had also seen a massive movement in human history: Muslims from India to Pakistan and Hindus from Pakistan to India.

The beginning of the trip is usually difficult and in the case of the newly-established state of Pakistan, it was full of problems owing to receiving an unfair share in the resources from India. It was like beginning life from scratch but the hopes were high to make the impossible trip feasible with continuous efforts of the ancestors.

Independence Day was particularly significant for the Muslims since it coincided with the 27th Ramadan, the night of Layla tul-Qadr in the year 1947. Therefore, there was an additional incentive for the Muslims to hold larger festivities on the day.

As the day draws near, celebration goods like as flags, green and white independence balloons, Pakistan Zindabad wristbands, 14 August caps, customized mugs, green masks, paper flag banners, and Pakistan flag badges, etc are being exhibited on roadsides and stores to attract people.

The adolescents and youngsters are more delighted to view the booths of festive goods and the decorating of their houses. On the day, most individuals hang flags on top of their houses, cars, clothing and adorn their dwellings with festive things.

The day is also celebrated with celebration activities including flag-raising ceremonies, parades, changing of guards, cultural events, award-winning ceremonies, patriotic music, and the national anthem. The Pakistani diaspora and missions across the world also commemorate the day with patriotic enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, President Dr Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan said that with the worldwide acknowledgment of government’s measures towards recovery of economy, dealing of COVID-19 epidemic and environment preservation, Pakistan today can stand tall among the comity of countries.

“Pakistan now may stand tall amid the comity of countries. Our initiatives towards recovering the economy, managing the epidemic, and preserving the environment have earned widespread acclaim,” the President Dr Arif Alvi and PM Imran Khan stated in their respective remarks on the occasion of the country’s Independence Day.

“As we raise our national flag to commemorate Independence Day, we must reaffirm the strong commitment to preserve our national ideals of unity, religion and discipline as envisioned by Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah,” they said. The president and prime minister stated that Pakistan has overcome enormous difficulties throughout the course of its history to emerge as a unified, peaceful and resilient country.

“Even today, the shifting regional dynamics coupled with certain domestic problems continue to test our resolve. Like previous time, we will likewise overcome these hurdles with our unique resolve and emerge out stronger as a nation,”

They further said that “On this occasion, we should not forget our Kashmiri brothers and sisters in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJ&K) struggling for their right to self-determination under extremely adverse circumstances marked by illegal Indian occupation and unspeakable repression.” “Pakistan would continue to offer its full support to the Kashmiris in their legitimate struggle. Kashmiris are looking forward to the international community to fulfill the promises made to them”.

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