Motorola Wireless Over-the-air Charging for its Smartphones

Motorola is known for its low-cost smartphones, but that doesn’t mean high-end functionality won’t be added to its portfolio in the future. To that end, the Lenovo-owned phone manufacturer is collaborating with GuRu Wireless, a firm that specialises in true over-the-air power distribution.

Yes, Motorola intends to allow OTA charging in some of its upcoming phones, which means the handset will be able to charge its battery without the use of wires or a charging pad. Motorola also promises to have the first phones that can charge over-the-air, but it could be a few years until the firm can deliver on that promise.

How it works

The wireless power system implements mmWave technology on the 24 GHz band. Your current phone will have a Qi coil for your wireless charging pad, but it will not be able to receive power from GuRu’s generator devices. The procedure would necessitate the use of a separate module in the phone itself.

Charging Speed

The speed can vary based on the type of system consuming the electricity. According to Bohn, phones could receive 5 to 10W of electricity. That appears to be low, particularly in comparison to today’s wired charging standards. When you know that you can charge your phone from everywhere in the room, 5 to 10W of true wireless, over-the-air charging sounds pretty awesome.
Faster speeds might be possible in the future, but that is looking too far ahead.

Motorola did not specify a release date for the first smartphone with over-the-air wireless charging, instead stating that it sees a “new generation of wirelessly enabled smartphones.”

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