Jahangir Tareen Officially Announces HUM KHIYAL GROUP

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LAHORE: Jahangir Tareen said that a team of lawmakers loyal to him would “lift their voice” against the Punjab government’s suspected retaliatory acts against them.

Jahangir Tareen, on the other hand, immediately denied that he was not building a forward block in the party. “We were part of the PTI, we are part of the PTI, and we will continue to be part of the PTI,” he declared outside the banking court where he had been summoned for a hearing.

Tareen was supported by fans, including Punjab government ministers and other PTI members.

“There is no investigation against me related to the sugar controversy,” he added, adding that the three FIRs lodged against him were not filed as part of any sugar inquiry.

Tareen said that his “supporters” were standing by him in the face of what he called a “false” FIR in which he had been booked.

On the other hand, in a statement Malik Noman Langrial said, “Our group existed from the first day, but we remain with the Imran Khan, neither of our statements against Imran Khan however no oath has been taken today.”

Malik Noman Langrial said Jahangir Tareen would appear on Wednesday. 31 partners participated in this gathering, we assembled to express solidarity with him. He said we won’t weaken the government, we’re going to help the government.

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