How HTML5 Color Picker Work?

In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to use a color picker in HTML5. A color picker is one of the most essential HTML5 components. It allows you to choose a color from the color picker control and use its value somewhere on the page to adjust the appearance at runtime. The coding for a color picker is simple; it’s just an input form tag with a “name” attribute. Using a scripting language, we can also get the value from the color picker that the user selects and apply it to every feature on the page.

How to Use

Using an tag with type = ‘color’ to apply a colour picker to an HTML tab.

The value property can be used to set the initial value. Colors are defined as six-digit hexadecimal values followed by a hashtag (#), so this value must be fixed in hexadecimal. The first two digits reflect the red component, then two for the green component, and finally two for the blue component. These components reflect the entire RGB colour space. #ff0000 is red, #00ff00 is green, #0000ff is blue, and ##ffffff is white in this format. To create additional hues, All three shades can be combined . #bdaa55, for example, produces a brownish hue.

<input type="color" name="color" id="color" value="#bdaa55"/>

Browser Support

Firefox 29+, Chrome 20+, Safari 10.1+, Opera 11.1+, IE 38.

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