Fiverr: Why Are The Impressions And Clicks Decreasing?

One of the most frequent question Friverr freelancers asked is about a decrease in gig impressions and clicks.

Impressions are the number of times your Gig appears in the thumbnails on Fiverr (for example, on the homepage of Fiverr, category/subcategory page, search page, and user page).

Clicks are the amount of times anyone clicks on your main gig or thumbnail as a result of a search or category display.

This article should help to clear up some of the uncertainty that your are facing.

Here is a list of possible reasons.

1. Gig Rotation

Gig Rotation ensures that Every seller on Fiverr will have their Gigs rotated around from time to time.

Since Fiverr simply specifies that gig positions are not permanent, because It’s a decent way to give everybody a chance at successful publicity.

It is unclear what algorithm is used to enable the rotation mechanism. That’s a positive thing, because keeping it secret means that it’s equal to everybody.

2. Increase in Competition

In the last year Fiverr saw a 109% year-over-year increase in freelancers joining the platform.

This would have an adverse effect on your Gig experiences.
If, for example, you were one of 50 Sellers who provided a Gig on content writing a few months ago and received a good number of impressions and clicks, it made sense. With so many new sellers on Fiverr, you might be one of 5,000 Sellers with the same Gig. This has significantly increased the competitiveness, and as a result, your impressions/clicks will naturally decrease.

3. Your Gig is Getting Weak

It does happen. With such new competition in recent years, you can expect that some of the new Sellers have better Gig details than you. They might also have better Gig photographs and videos than you. Much of this means that, with so many new Fiverr users using bright, appealing graphics, some of the views and clicks you’re used to having are moving elsewhere.

You will compete by regularly checking your Gig info, which will keep your Gigs looking fresh and unique. It’s also a good idea to look at what your opponents are doing to aim to improve your presentation.

There may be other explanations why the impressions and clicks are falling compared to what you’re used to doing, but these are most definitely the big ones.

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