Fiverr Tips: How to Get Your First Order?

The most common issue that new freelancers face is getting their first order. Fiverr is a freelance platform where anybody can begin their freelancing career. It is absolutely online, and all you need are some skills to sell it to your customers. If you are one of these people who starts their freelancing career on Fiverr, you have come to the right spot. So, today I’ll teach you How To Get Your First Fiverr Order.

Buyer Requests

Evaluate the client’s specifications and attachments to determine the project expense and timeline, then submit a bid.

To develop yourself on Fiverr, you must sell your services at a far lower price than others. This is the only choice. When you start receiving more orders, you will gradually raise your price.

Fiverr provides all sellers with ten offers a day, so take advantage of this chance to showcase your skills. You can also submit offers via mobile app.  If you can meet the client’s expectations, submit a bid on Buyer Requests; otherwise, wait till the next one. If you have less Buyer Requests, maximise the number of Gigs.

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Avoid Common Grammar Errors
Remember when you think you’d never use the things you learned in English class? You now understand that a single grammatical error will lead prospective customers to select another seller. Find out what the most popular grammar errors are so you can stop them or correct them. Make use of the Grammarly Mobile App or the Grammarly Chrome Extension.

Choosing The Right Image

There are no text limits on your gig’s featured picture. So, go ahead and be creative. Have eye-catching text to better market the service. Consider if you can set yourself apart from the thousands of other competitors out there. Showcase any of the previous experience to attract potential customers.

Many existing sellers on Fiverr do not provide the default gig with a 24-hour turnaround period. By default, most take at least a couple of days. You will have to pay an additional fee if you want the order to be expedited. Since you’re fresh, you might give a 24-hour distribution cycle for your gig to get things going.

Create More Gigs

Basically, the more gigs you have, the more likely it is that anyone would notice you. And, since it is free to continue uploading gigs, there is no loss incurred other than the time spent. 

This is something I’ve seen a lot of Fiverr freelancers do. They create several gigs, each with a different headline, such as “create a special website,” “create an awesome website,” or “create a sensitive website.”
The Fiverr team has indicated that doing so would not improve your ranking and could have a negative effect.
So, instead of doing this, consider offering related services. If you are a web developer, you can include services such as “Create a Website,” “Fix Errors in Your Website,” and “Apply Additional Functionalities to Your Website.”

Offer Something Unique

On Fiverr, there are a lot of gigs, and there are a lot of variants on the same ideas.
Assume you sell logo design service. If you look on Fiverr, you’ll see hundreds of them, most of which are using same title, image, description etc. To deal with all of the level 2 or level Top sellers, you must do something really different.

You must develop a distinct selling point, something that few, if any, others are doing, something you can do well, and something you can deliver at a better quality than the current sellers. You won’t stand out until you have something special to offer and the consistency to back it up.

What You Shouldn’t Do to Get Your First Order

Many sellers will advise you to buy your own gigs, share ratings with other sellers, or build several profiles. To be honest, this is bad guidance.

Stick to the Fiverr model and show that you are worth the traffic. After all, if Fiverr respects your profile, they’ll bring it in front of more users.

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Fiverr is a fantastic freelance platform where you can quickly increase your income. However, as in any other job or company, patience is needed.

Even if you follow all of the above procedures, it can take some time to receive your first order. When you get the order, make sure to bring it on schedule and in good condition. Inspire them to leave a review in order for you to get further orders.

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