Fiverr: Sellers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Freelancing has gained popularity as a way to live because it offers many benefits over conventional jobs. This article addressed the most commonly asked seller questions .

Below are some commonly-asked questions for Fiverr Sellers.

How can I increase my order volume?

According to Fiverr analysis, adding a short, high-quality video to your Gig will raise orders by more than 200 percent. This is a perfect place to start with a new vendor looking to make their first sale.
If you’ve created your Gig, double-check the delivery times you’ve specified. It is important to choose the best delivery time.
A five-dollar gig is just the start! Add Gig Packages to boost your earnings.

What do I do if my gig does not appear in the search results?

If your gig isn’t popping up in the search results, you can try to see if it’s running and available in the search results!

Navigate to the “help and support” section at the bottom of the Fiverr home page.
In the search field, type “manage my gigs”
Click on the first search result that should say “Managing your Gigs”
Click the text that says “Check your Gig status” below the first line.
Fill out the form below, and it will inform you the current status of your gig.
If it means your gig isn’t showing up in the search results because it was rejected because it has to be checked again by the Fiverr staff, you can call Fiverr customer service or submit a support request.

What tips do I bear in mind to be a productive seller?

Here is a list of tips we’ve compiled to help you become a more productive seller:

  • Don’t post your gigs all over social networks. It’s spam, and your friends and family aren’t your intended audience.
  • You should not be online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It would be preferable if you sleep so that you could be productive.
  • Buyer Requests can only be used if you are capable of satisfying the buyer’s expectations.
  • Each Buyer Request is distinct and requires a separate response. Do not use copied and pasted proposals when responding to Buyer Requests.
  • Make sure your profile is outstanding. Spell it right and use proper English grammar.
  • Make sure the gig photos are distinct from those of other sellers and that they are appealing. Never copy another seller’s gig mages or wording.
  • Be patient.
  • Offer fair pricing for your products.
  • Seek to improve your product quality over time.
  • Be honest.
  • Expect failures, disappointments, and cancellations but also expect successful events as well.

Why should you not have unlimited revisions?

If you sell unlimited revisions, clients can keep trying to contact you for more and more revisions. You might be dragged into a never-ending order that lasts for years.

Why my gigs impressions/clicks are decreasing day by day?

The ordering of gigs in the search results changes all the time. Read here in detail article on Why Are The Impressions And Clicks Decreasing? .

Why aren’t there any buyer requests for me?

Since certain gig types are fairly uncommon, there aren’t many buyer demands in those categories. When a certain number of bids are received for a customer order, it becomes inaccessible to New Sellers, and so on.
New Sellers usually do not have a large number of buyer demands, while Level 1 and Level 2 sellers do.

Can editing my gig change its ranking?

Editing Your gig slightly affect rankings. It can increase or decrease the rankings.

Can the number of impressions you have on gig make a difference?

Can the number of impressions you have make a difference?
Impressions are meaningless because they do not reveal how many users directly watched or clicked on your gig. Impressions are essentially the number of times it has appeared as “recommended to look at” as customers viewed other equivalent gigs.

What does the “Rising Talent” badge on a Gig mean?

When our Editorial Team selects your Gig, it earns the “Rising Talent” tag. This means the Gig would gain significant brand visibility and reputation. Please bear in mind that the Handpicked status is only available for a limited time. The selected Gigs would be viewed at random, and the badge can be deleted at the discretion of the Editorial Team.

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