Everyday Essentials: 4 Easy Ways to Customize Your Basic Wardrobe

What is the most essential piece of clothing in your wardrobe? The sweaters? The tailoring? The designed Cuban-collar shirts that are only worn when the temperature rises above 70 degrees? No, When it comes to closet hierarchy, the most basic garments dominate the wardrobe.

We’re talking about the fundamentals of your closet. The basic white T-shirt that goes with everything on weekends; the twill over shirt that can be worn in every season; and the go-to jeans that you go for Each and everyday. Any. SINGLE DAY. That are the clothes at the heart of it all. Take out everything else, and they’re just what you need to get by.

The Must Have

You had an idea it was going to happen. It will, and keep in mind that you will always be the anchor of your wardrobe. From your retro denim to your PKR 20,000 outfit, a clean white shirt would go with everything. Still keep them slick and never undervalue their worth.

A well-fitting pair of slim-cut jeans (no skinny) is a versatile wardrobe staple. Any modern gentleman should own one pair of tidy and dark Indigo or blue shades.


Many of menswear’s biggest stars had their origins in the studio. Jeans started off as humble overalls; the T-shirt evolved from miners chopping up jumpsuits to keep cool; and the humble work boot, well, the hint is in the word.

One of the most important items of workwear is the two-pocket over shirt. It’s classic, it looks fantastic, it’s practical, and you can depend on it all year. It’s the obvious starting point for putting together a workwear-inspired style, and it can also be dressed up with smarter bits if you don’t want to go full blue-collar chic. The next item on the shopping list is a pair of raw denim jeans. They are a workday staple that originated in the industrial era and are still as important today as they were then.


Consider not having to think about what to wear, secure in the confidence that whatever occasion happens, you have the sartorial resources to handle it. That is the allure of a minimal wardrobe. A wardrobe selection that includes anything a man needs – and nothing he does not. There will be no dead weight, no patterns, just time-tested essentials that can still be counted on.


Men’s casual wear is an open door to dress in whatever looks most natural to you, whether it’s chic or rugged, upscale or down-to-earth.

Dressing effortlessly is about discovering the right combination between convenience, individuality, and elegance – consider trendy and practical outfits – rather than relying on formalities.

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Hadia Nadeem works as the AbStack Fashion Editor. As an outerwear and sneaker enthusiast, She keeps her finger on the pulse of the new styles while still retaining a curiosity in timeless design.

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