Eager Load Images in NextJs

This article explains how to use NextJs to set up eager loading of images. Images are more effective in conveying a message. It also improves the user’s experience. An old saying says that a picture is worth a thousand words, implying that an image can convey a concept more quickly and effectively than the writing.

Why Eager Load Images?

With the images, the issue of Page Load speed comes. The more images you have on a web page the slower it takes to load them and display them to users. More and more web developers are building lazy loading in the Page to lower the website load time. However, Sometimes we need to load the image immediately.

For this purpose, NextJs has provided an eager property with its Image component to load images without any delay.

NOTE: Loading images with eager property will hurt webpage performance.

What is Eager Loading?

Eager Loading Images is a way of loading images in Next.js, where there is no delay in the loading of the images. For Example, With lazy load, only those images which are above the fold will be loaded after the webpage has completed the load. However, with Eager loading, the image will load even if it is below the fold.

Eager Load Images in NextJs

To load the image eagerly, simply set the Loading property to “eager”. For Example:



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