Best User Behavior Analytics Tools 2021

Go beyond typical analytic tools & understand the real behavior of your website visitors with the help of behavior analytic tools. See how visitors engage with your site, analyze how they encounter problems or issues, and offer context to typical web analytics data.

What is User Behavior Analytics, and Why Do You Need it?

User behavior analytics (UBA) is a way for gathering and combining quantitative and qualitative data about your website visitors to identify how they engage with your product or sites and why.

User behavior analytics tools help you understand behavioral questions about your visitors and customers that traditional web analytics (think: Google Analytics) can’t do, including:

  • Where on a page they get stuck and struggle before dropping off 
  • How they interact with individual page elements and sections
  • What they are interested in or disregarding 
  • What they truly want from your website or product

Companies on the market finding the best analytics tool will quickly realize that there’s no lack of choices out there, and many of the tools seem to offer the same basic feature set. However, some characteristics can help you distinguish one from another.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the most popular user analytics and behavioral analytics platforms so you can get a sense of your alternatives.


Exabeam offers a SIEM platform that unifies its independent solutions, including UEBA, log management, incident response, and querying. The UEBA solution is Exabeam Advanced Analytics and is designed for advanced threat detection, rapid incident investigation, and efficient threat hunting. Its analytics dashboard gives a picture of threats in the environment, including open cases and linked high-risk users and assets.


Heap is a renowned user behavior analytics software that helps build meaningful experiences that enhance conversion and retention rates. It doesn’t require any upfront setting and takes data automatically, offering tremendous flexibility to its users. Moreover, you can design customizable virtual events to employ in funnels and cohorts.

Heap is an excellent alternative for users searching for a less technical analytics platform. You may even define events and conversions retroactively to keep up with changing conditions.

Heap provides real-time reports and is designed for web and mobile applications alike.

You can choose the free version of Heap for up to 10k sessions each month. This contains 1 Project and Unlimited User Licenses. Although Heap doesn’t give pricing information for its three premium subscriptions – Growth, Pro, Premier, it does offer a free trial of 14 days.


With fifteen years and twenty thousand clients under their belt, Forcepoint’s user behavior monitoring technology empowers security teams to learn from current data and proactively monitor for high-risk behavior. The platform collects and analyzes data from numerous sources, including communication platforms and security devices, to offer context for varied user activities. The entity timeline helps you to reconstruct the set of events that led to an increased risk score.


Amplitude is another amazing analytics tool to measure quantitative user behavior data. It comes with a wide selection of integrations that enable you to expand its functionality to a great extent.

Amplitude offers in-depth user behavior analytics that enables you to follow user journeys and determine the best way for users to become high-value clients.

It provides important insights into client experience and helps develop a comprehensive user journey.

Amplitude also comes with fantastic collaboration options for teams of all sizes. It is straightforward to use and configure and is versatile across many devices and products.

Moreover, Amplitude provides excellent data governance and data security capabilities that ensure the greatest protection of user data.

Amplitude offers a pretty large free plan that enables you to track up to 10 million actions. The pricing information for its growth and business plan isn’t provided publicly.


Fortinet’s UEBA technology provides automated detection and response capabilities to defend enterprises from insider threats. Leveraging machine learning and advanced analytics, FortiInsight identifies non-compliant, suspicious, or unusual behavior and immediately alerts compromised user accounts. FotoInsight is a rule-based engine that identifies policy violations, unwanted data access and extraction, and compromised accounts and incorporates endpoint behavioral monitoring.


LogRhythm UEBA detects known and unknown user-based threats by implementing machine learning and scenario analytics to the surface. It then prioritizes threats according to their severity. It delivers a broad range of security analytics utilizing both scenario-based and behavior-based methodologies. LogRhythm augments organizational security environments, working either as a standalone UEBA product or as an add-on to existing SIEM or log management solutions.

Microsoft Azure Advanced Threat Analytics

Microsoft Azure Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) is a cloud-based security service that employs on-premises active directory signals to identify, detect and investigate advanced threats, compromised users, and insider threats. After acquiring Aorato, Microsoft incorporated Advanced Threat Analytics into its Enterprise Mobility Suite and made it accessible as a standalone product in 2015. Microsoft ATA is only available for on-premises implementation.


Userpilot is a code-free platform that gives you access to a fantastic user behavior analytics solution and a unique onboarding tool.

It allows users to find the most value from your platform by pushing information based on their interactions.

Userpilot helps you to track user behavior and optimize the onboarding experience of your users using contextual flows. This contextual onboarding helps you to give the correct message to the right user at the right moment.

Userpilot’s user behavior analytics allows you to track user activity effectively and make modifications when necessary. You may also exploit its A/B testing features to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

You also have access to user segmentation capabilities to track user journeys depending on each category to make things easier. Moreover, you may use the data acquired from micro surveys and NPS surveys to determine the perception of your product among users.

Overall, Userpilot offers a superb solution to capture user behavioral data properly and turn it into meaningful insights to help you make informed decisions.

One Identity

One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Analytics includes identity governance, access management, and privileged account management solutions. It identifies high-risk privileged users, monitors suspicious behavior, finds threats utilizing user behavior analytics technologies, and provides total visibility. Safeguard enables IT and security administrators to take immediate action and be well-positioned to avoid future data breaches if suspicious behavior is found.

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LogRocket is a behavioral analytics application that employs session recordings and heatmaps to capture user behavior data. Session recording is Logrocket’s core feature. It allows you to integrate session recordings with network logs, JS problems, and console analysis, making it valuable for issue tracking.

It features a co-browsing option that lets you share your screen with the user and walk them through if they are experiencing an issue.

Apart from these, LogRocket delivers in-depth user behavior analytics that can assist you in acquiring important information to fuel your decision-making.

LogRocket offers a free subscription restricted to 1,000 sessions per month and up to a month of data retention. Its subscription plan starts at $99 a month with access to a minimum of 10,000 sessions.

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