Best IDaaS Service Providers 2021

What is IDaaS?

Identity as a Service or IDaaS is cloud-based authentication services. It is developed and managed by a third-party provider. IDaaS companies give cloud-based authentication or identity management to businesses that subscribe.

What Services do IDaaS Providers Offer?

IDaaS providers may offer many User authentication services, such as:

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

MFA uses multiple authentication factors to validate a user’s identity. One example would be asking customers to insert a USB device into their laptop in order to enter their password. MFA is more secure than username and password combinations alone. Cloud MFA providers enable enterprises to swiftly adopt MFA. (See also: What is two-factor authentication?)

Single sign-on (SSO)

SSO allows customers to sign in once to a single portal to access all of their SaaS applications, and it also provides a centralized area for enterprises to manage the applications each user has access to. Most SSO services are cloud-hoted and allow users to access their SSO login pages through a web browser.

Identity management

 An identity provider (IdP) maintains and manages user identities. An IdP may check user identities via username-password combinations and other variables, or it may simply offer a list of user IDs that another service provider checks. Cloud-hosted IdPs fit within the IDaaS umbrella.

Benefits of IDaas

A key advantage of IDaaS is savings. Provisioning identity on-site, with software such as Active Directory Domain Services, might be full of charges. Your team has to keep up servers; acquire, upgrade, and install software; back up data regularly; pay hosting fees; monitor the additional turf on-premises for network security; build up VPNs; and much more. With IDaaS, costs drop to the subscription price and the administration effort. That’s it.

Besides savings, ROI for IDaaS includes increased cybersecurity and saved time with faster logins, and fewer password resets. Whether a user is logging in from open WiFi at an airport or from a desk in the office, the process is smooth and secure. Better security might save firms from encountering a hack or breach that might destroy their business.

List of the Top IDaaS Providers 2021


California-based OneLogin delivers an on-demand IDaaS solution composed of single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, directory integration, user provisioning, and a catalogue of pre-integrated applications. As significant proponents of the OpenID Native Applications Working Group (NAPPS), OneLogin has taken a standards-based approach to application integration and positioned itself as a thought leader in the field of authentication. The company has witnessed significant development in recent years. Still, it struck a rough patch in 2017, when it claimed that attackers had infiltrated its US data centre and accessed client data, including the capacity to decrypt encrypted data. OneLogin seems to have recovered smoothly, though and recently added adaptive authentication functionality to its platform.


San Francisco-based Centrify’s IDaaS solution delivers secure access to cloud and mobile apps via SSO, user provisioning, mobile device management (MDM), and multi-factor authentication (MFA) capabilities.

The company has acquired prominence due to its integrated MDM capabilities, which are some of the strongest in the industry and match the capabilities of several MDM suppliers, but has lately branched out with a SaaS-based PIM solution.


EmpowerID offers a full Identity-Management-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution both for maintaining identities online and within your current corporate directory, but at a significant increase in both initial setup complexity and continuing maintenance requirements.


The most well-known firm on our list, Microsoft, made its initial entrance into the IDaaS industry with the May 2014 introduction of its Azure Active Directory (AAD) Premium service. Since then, the technology behemoth has made a significant impact on the market. AAD delivers equivalent capabilities to other IDaaS providers and includes access to Microsoft Identity Manager products for usage with on-premise systems. AAD is a solid choice for enterprise customers deeply familiar with Microsoft’s ecosystem or who currently use Microsoft’s Azure cloud PaaS service. However, customers wishing for deep CIAM (B2C) and user provisioning capabilities should beware, as Microsoft has yet to catch up to the competition in these regards.


The Okta identity management service provides directory services, SSO, robust authentication, provisioning, workflow, and reporting, all supplied as a multitenant IDaaS though specific components reside on-premise. Aside from basic IDaaS capabilities, Okta also includes MDM and phone-as-a-token authentication capabilities. Okta’s IDaaS product boasts one of the fastest-growing customer bases in the market and the money to match—the firm has reached “unicorn” fundraising levels in recent years. 2017 saw a frenzy of activity for Okta, with various acquisitions and a filing for IPO.


Netherlands–based iWelcome offers an open-source-based IDaaS solution that includes authentication, SSO, federation, self-service registration, and user provisioning abilities for both on-premise and cloud apps, all delivered via a dedicated single-tenant delivery model that allows for customization and white-labelling. iWelcome predominantly specializes in B2B and B2C use cases, and the company has recently upgraded its platform for improved GDPR and Consent compatibility. Consent Life Cycle Management is now available as a stand-alone product, which can be connected with any authentication service.

CyberArk Identity

With CyberArk, you can isolate and halt privilege attacks before they can do harm. Your users enjoy native access to everything they need, and you get peace of mind knowing your essential assets are safe. Explore Products.

Ping Identity

The Ping Identity Platform is a multitenant, web-centric IDaaS platform that allows secure single sign-on from any device and gives administrators a single dashboard to control user access to all applications. The company made waves last year with its acquisitions of CIAM-provider UnboundID and has subsequently expanded its focus on CIAM and IoT installations. A recent modification to the Ping platform introduced contextual access management and policy support for the OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 standards.


Big Blue has lately emerged as a prominent player in the IDaaS market with its IBM Cloud Identity Service, which delivers cloud-based IAM capabilities, with the potential to work in combination with IBM on-premise infrastructure. The company fared well on Gartinauguralagural Access Management Magic Quadrant, albeit criticized for a limited feature count. Existing ties with influential organizations make IBM Cloud Identity Service an easy prediction for growth in the following years.

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