Android: 10 Best Photo Editor Apps

Mobile phone photography and photo editor apps has picked up quite a pace in the last few year, with phones carrying four or more rear cameras and rising megapixel count at an astonishing speed.

Despite the advanced sensors, certain images need editing, which is where photo editing applications come in. Most smartphones’ default gallery app includes simple photo editing capabilities, but if you want to go beyond that, you may need to use advanced applications to edit your images.

With so many choices online, here’s a helpful guide to help you pick the best picture editing applications available on the Google Play Store.

PicsArt Photo Editor

PicsArt is the best smartphone all-in-one photo and video editor! One of the most popular apps, with over 1 billion downloads to date, allows you to unleash your imagination. PicsArt comes with everything you’ll need to make amazing edits. What’s the best part? It’s completely free!

Edit images and videos, make fun collages with our sticker maker, doodle on photos, and much more. No prior professional experience is needed!

Special Features:

  1. Try hot filters for pictures & trendy photo effects.
  2. Edit videos or make them from scratch.
  3. Crop video clips or use square fit to add backgrounds.
  4. Outline selfies with the hottest Sketch effects
  5. Create an amazing photo collage.

Price: Free Rating: 4.2

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Who says our photographs can’t be perfect? One of the best photo editor app. We believe that everyone should have access to the latest editor and filter technology, so AirBrush is constantly updated with new features and effects to keep up with editing standards. With user-friendly retouch software, cool filter options, and realistic, beautiful results, AirBrush was created to be the best photo editor!

Special Features:

  1. Blemish and Pimple Remover
  2. Whiten Teeth and Brighten Eyes
  3. Perfect Skin in Every Photo
  4. Slim, Reshape and Lengthen Your Selfie or Photo
  5. Artistic Retouching Features
  6. Add Depth and Style to Your Photos
  7. Natural, Radiant Filters

Price: Free / $3.99 per month / $19.99 per year Rating: 4.7

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Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor for android developed by Google. It is available for free and also ad-free/paid.

Special Features:

  1.  Crop – crop to standard sizes or freely
  2. Perspective – fix skewed lines and perfect the geometry
  3. White Balance – adjust the colors so that the image looks more natural
  4. Healing – remove the uninvited neighbor from a group picture
  5. Text – add both stylized or plain text
  6. Lens Blur – add a beautiful Bokeh to images

Price: Free Rating: 4.5

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It’s never been easier to take a stunning and natural selfie picture or video. Remove acne, pimples, or blemishes, smooth skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, slim face, reshape the body, try trendy makeup, use remover to delete unwanted artefacts, add filters and special effects, add blur effect, add sticker, doodle pen, and more to enhance images with BeautyPlus.

Special Features:

  1. Beauty Touch-up.
  2. Remove people, buildings and any other unwanted objects.
  3.  Add depth to your photos with our blur too.
  4. unique stickers that make your photo more stylish and beautiful.
  5. Natural and stylish makeup

Price: Free/$1.99-$60 Rating: 4.3

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Fotogenic” is the best choices for photo editing app to suit every level of photographer.

It has a user interface that is both innovative and straightforward to use, resulting in a delightfully simple user experience. It’s simple and intuitive for beginners, but competent enough for experienced photographers to appreciate.

Special Features:

  1. Speech Bubble : A fun way to perk up your photos is by adding cartoon style speech balloons
  2. Captions : Add a caption below and above your photos
  3. Stretch : Make you taller
  4. Slimmer : It’s a snap to get a leaner
  5. Crop : Crop photo
  6. Perspective : Fix Keystone distortion
  7. Rotate : Turn your photo 90 degrees left or right
  8. Straighten : You can easily fix slanted photos Makeup : Adding a shadow for your eyes 

Price: Free/$7.5 Rating: 4.9

Download On Google Play

LightX Photo Editor

LightX is a free picture editor that allows you to create photo collages, add photo frames, add stickers, make cutout and photo background changers, blur images, create cartoons and caricatures, create cute selfies and portrait photos, adjust hair colour, add colour splash effects, combine photos for double and multiple exposure effects, and use a variety of other editing tools. You can also add text to your pictures and make your own text memes.

You can edit pictures using various advance photo edit tools like Color mixing, Curves, levels and vignette effects. You can edit brightness, Contrast, Exposure, Hue, Saturation, Shadows & Highlights of pictures. You can apply array of photo filters like Vintage, Retro, Drama, Glow, B&W, grunge and many more photo filters on photos.

Special Features:

  1. Cutout and Photo Background Changer
  2. Color Splash Photo Effects
  3. Merge photos
  4. Professional image editing tools
  5. Perfect your Selfie and portrait photos
  6.  Edit photos with range of photo filters
  7. Advanced Photo Transform tools
  8. Blur Photo Editor
  9. Shape Manipulation
  10. Doodle and drawings

Price: Free/$1.9-$60.99 Rating: 4.5

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Photo Lab

Photo Lab has one of the most comprehensive sets of stylish and amusing photo effects, with over 900 to date! You will enjoy fantastic face picture montages, photo frames, animated effects, and photo filters.

Make your image look creative in seconds without using a professional editor and set it as a contact icon, a wallpaper, send a signed virtual postcard to a friend or share it to any social network.

Special Features

  1. Neural Art Styles
  2. Photo frames
  3. Realistic photo effects
  4. Photo filters
  5. Photo collages

Price: Free/$1.9-$40 Rating: 4.4

Download On Google Play

Perfect Me

Perfect Me – Body Retouch and Face Editor is a great photo editor and a free app for face and body editing. It will help you achieve a lean body, perfect figure, narrow waist, long legs, abs, and tattoo by reshaping body curves. and retouch your face to make it look thinner, slimmer, taller, bigger eyes, plump and brighter lips, and smoother.

This body and face enhancer app perfect for self-entertainment or online showcasing. With some simple clicks, you could get your insta beauty now! Come and make you look like celebrity. It is a wonderful face slimming photo editor.

Special Features

  1. Retouch body
  2. Beautify face
  3. Video Body Editing
  4. Beautify photos
  5. Photos adjustments

Price: Free/$1.9-$10.99 Rating: 4.5

Download On Google Play


Pixlr (formerly Pixlr Express) is a free and simple photo editor that allows you to express yourself.
There is no need to create an account; simply download and begin editing.

Capture any moment and edit with over 2 million combinations of FREE effects, overlays, and filters.

Share your photos seamlessly with friends or followers through email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any social network.

Special Features

  1. Preset collages, grid style, customized ratio, and background.
  2. Instantly adjust the color of your photo
  3. Use Double Exposure to create an array of effects
  4. Create cool photo effects using Stylize
  5. Choose from a range of effect packs to give your image
  6. Easily add text to your photos

Price: Free/$1.99-$9.99 Rating: 4.3

Download On Google Play

Toolwiz Photos-Pro

Toolwiz Photos is an excellent app for creating beautiful and artistic photos on Android. Toolwiz Photos is the best all-in-one PRO photo editor, with over 200 features. This freeware tries to provide you with a complete editing toolkit.

Special Features

  1. Magic Filters
  2. Art Filters
  3. Art Effect
  4.  Global, Partial, Keep, High Contrast, 30+ others
  5. 20+ Blurs
  6. Doodle, Mosaic, Free Draw, Text, Line, Circle, Rectangle
  7. Red-Eyes Removal

Price: Free/$1.99-$4.99 Rating: 4.5

Download On Google Play
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