All About Tailwind CSS – A CSS Framework

Introduction to Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS can be used to build websites in the fastest and the easiest method.
Tailwind CSS is simply a utility-first CSS framework for fast-developing customized user interfaces. It is a highly configurable, low-level CSS framework that offers you all of the building blocks you need to develop unique designs without any irritating opinionated styles you have to battle to override.
The beauty of this thing called Tailwind is it doesn’t enforce design standards or how your site should look; you just combine small components with building a unique user interface. What Tailwind essentially does is take a ‘raw’ CSS file, processes this CSS file over a configuration file, and provides an output.

Why Tailwind CSS?

  • Faster UI creation method
  • It is a utility-first CSS framework which implies we can utilize utility classes to develop bespoke designs without writing CSS as in traditional method.

Advantages of Tailwind CSS:

  • No more ridiculous names for CSS classes and Id’s.
  • Minimum lines of Code in Style sheet.
  • We may adapt the designs to produce the components.
  • Makes the website responsive.
  • Makes the modifications in the desired method.
  • In global CSS if make changes in the file the property is modified in all the HTML pages linked to it. But with the aid of Tailwind CSS we can use utility classes and make local modifications.

Learn how to get Tailwind CSS up and running in your project.

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Tailwind CSS is a game-changer to how we utilize CSS. Tailwind CSS also allows you greater flexibility over the appearance you desire, which may be a benefit or a drawback. With other frameworks, the default appearance is typically decent enough to get a developer started. That isn’t the case with Tailwind CSS since you have to handle everything yourself.

Another thing to note is how we put all the CSS classes, we used in the sample to HTML elements. As the intricacy of your style develops, the code will get messy.

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