10 Free Cloud Storage and Cloud Storage API in 2021

Are you Looking for the top free cloud storage with cloud storage API? Here we’ve created a list of the top free cloud storage providers, which Developers can access via a browser UI or using an API (Application Programmable Interface).

Cloud storage has lately become a valued resource for small and big business groups. The organizations strive not to rely on expensive hardware and thus wish to switch their data to the best free cloud storage possible. But not many organizations are aware of cloud storage and therefore rely on traditional storage systems.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage implies storing data in a distant place that is accessible from any device. Cloud Storage will enhance efficiency and productivity in terms of backing up and safeguarding the data. It offers many perks, and Businesses may pay simply for the quantity of storage they use. Businesses have switched from the local hard drive to cloud storage. Many cloud storage companies provide accounts to corporations and not to individuals. This is because they contain certain characteristics that might be difficult for individuals. Those features will not be of much value to the persons.

What Is Free Cloud Storage?

As of the current era and age, there are many free cloud storage solutions available for users. These ‘Free Cloud Storage’ companies or service providers offer free cloud storage space up to 50 GB and are typically incredibly simple to use. The gained free cloud space may therefore be utilized as a storage option for both enterprises as well as personal requirements.

List of Free Cloud Storage & API Available in 2021

Some of the top cloud services on the basis of capacity, affordability and security, for both individuals and companies include Dropbox, pCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, IDrive. There are many more cloud storage as well, but honestly, there’s no one cap fits all policy here. You must select your supplier depending on your data use and storage space requirements.


pCloud will allow you to store your files and have them available on all devices. Sharing and collaborating on files will be easier with pCloud. Also, private files may be encrypted and kept confidential here.

It gives 10GB of free cloud storage space to its primary customers. Resizing photographs on the fly without the assistance of software has suddenly gotten much easy with my pCloud, which gives a broad range of resizing choices for its users.

You may utilize pCloud in your application with the assistance of pCloud API. There is also a Python API client for pCloud.

Price: pCloud gives free storage of 10GB. It includes yearly as well as lifelong price plans. With the yearly plan, you will pay $3.99 per month for 500 GB storage and $7.99 per month for 2TB storage.

Google Drive

Google Drive is famous due to its free storage space. The search giant provides us 15GB of free space in its data storage service called Google Drive. It is so popular because its offline services let the users access their files and images saved online even amid network difficulties.

The Google Drive API allows developers to read, write quickly, and sync data saved in Google Drive from their mobile and online apps. For example, you may use the COPY API to generate a file copy and apply any required modifications using patch semantics.

Prices: $1.99 monthly for 100 GB; $9.99 monthly for 1 TB; $99.99 monthly for 100 TB


DropBox is one of the most powerful free cloud storage solutions out now. It offers fantastic backup capabilities that make it more dependable than most other cloud storage programs. Files of all sizes and types, including presentations, photos, videos, API, and even CAD files, may securely be added to your DropBox account.

One advantage of DropBox is the remote erase capability. If you lose a device with your DropBox account and the cloud data synced onto it, you may delete all those files from that single device. This is one of the security aspects that makes DropBox highly trustworthy.

The main downside of DropBox is the amount of free storage you receive, which is 2 GB. To obtain extra space beyond that, DropBox provides several appealing premium options.

Dropbox cloud storage API allows developers to deal with files in Dropbox, providing sophisticated capabilities like full-text search, thumbnails, and sharing. Dropbox provides numerous APIs and SDKs that enable developers to access user data following authorization quickly.

Prices: $9.92 monthly for 100 GB; $19.99 per month for 200GB; $49.99 per month for 500GB


Yandex Disk is One of the trustworthy, free cloud storage solutions. You receive 10 GB of free cloud storage as soon as you sign up for the Yandex. You may win up to an extra 32GB of storage by engaging in their promotional events.

When you join up for Yandex Disk, you get 10 GB of free cloud storage space. You may rapidly extend this by an extra 32 GB by taking up the promotional activities that Yandex hosts. It also allows you to access documents like presentations and spreadsheets without installing their applications on your phone. You may also share these files simply.

The Disk REST API may be utilized in mobile and desktop apps and online services. Your users may interact with their data on Yandex.Disk from any device, including saving generated files straight to Yandex.Disk without wasting space on their smartphones or tablets. You may also use the API to save system and user settings for your app in the cloud and sync them between multiple devices and platforms.

Prices: $2.00 monthly for 100 GB; $10.00 per month for 1TB; $30.00 per month for 3TB

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BOX Cloud Storage

Box provides a platform for the teams to store, share and collaborate on files. You may save documents, pictures, movies, and much more. The information may be shared and accessed from anywhere if it provides a Free Storage Capacity of 10 GB.

BOX offers an open platform with APIs and SDKs, known as the Box Platform, that developers may utilize for a number of applications. Box API allows developers to manage and interact with files stored in Box and utilize Box as a content management layer in their apps.

Prices: $15 monthly for 5GB; $25 per month for 15GB; $35 per month for 50GB


Microsoft OneDrive makes it easy to store your papers and data within reach. OneDrive is one of the best free cloud storage alternatives out there. If you already have a Microsoft account, you may log in to it to access your email, OneDrive, and all other files in the exact location. Earlier, OneDrive offered 15 GB of free online storage but has recently lowered it to 5 GB. All Windows devices – including desktops and mobile devices – come preloaded with OneDrive. It can be readily accessible from any device anywhere and is likely the second most in-demand cloud storage platform behind Dropbox in the corporate sector.

One difficulty users experience is downloading attachments from their emails and then uploading them to the cloud. For comparatively bigger files, this was a time-consuming procedure. OneDrive helps alleviate that problem by providing you with the option of storing your email attachments directly to the cloud.

Onedrive Cloud Storage API allows developers to link their apps to material saved in OneDrive and SharePoint.

Price: $1.99 monthly for 50 GB; $6.99 monthly for 1 TB; $9.99 monthly for 6 TB


IDrive continuous data protection function creates continuous data backups instead of periodic updates. It implies the modifications you make to your data are preserved in the cloud as well. Its snapshot feature lets you restore your data in case your system crashes. It offers a free version of 5GB.

IDrive offers a fully distributed, API-accessible storage infrastructure enabling hassle-free integration into apps. The platform may also be used for data backup, archiving, and data retention.

Price: $104.25 IDrive Personal 2TB; IDrive Business: $149.25.


OpenDrive gives you free cloud storage with many features, including task management, cloud content management, and notes for individuals and teams. It delivers cloud-based business solutions for data administration, project and workflow, user management, and branding. It is accessible for personal use with various functions, including Online Storage, Online Backup, File Syncing, Online file sharing, and file hotlinking, etc.

The OpenDrive API provides you with the power to rapidly and integrate cloud storage providers directly into your product. Our API may be used to store and access any quantity of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web, with the scalability, speed, and security of OpenDrive.

Price: $9.95 monthly for Unlimited storage

Media Fire

One of the easiest free cloud storage solutions to utilize that you will discover is Media Fire. Initially, you receive 10 GB of data to keep all of your documents, contacts, and photos. However, you also get the option of expanding your free storage to 50 GB by inviting people.

Media Fire features an interface that makes it easy to handle your files. You may quickly upload several files at once from any browser. You can also manage and search for documents fast with Media Fire’s user-friendly interface. It produces a single-use link that you may use to distribute documents effortlessly.

MediaFire Beta API allows developers to host and distribute any file type, including documents, presentations, videos, and pictures. Developers that need to build up a fast test system can utilize MediaFireClient it includes enough functionality to get your uploads/downloads and file listings running.

Price: $3.75 monthly for 1TB; $40 monthly for 100TB

Mega Cloud Storage & API

Mega provides 50GB of free cloud storage. The storage comes with strong security measures. The Mega free cloud storage is comparable to dropbox with larger storage space.

If you want a great backup file storage space, Mega is the ideal platform for you. You can archive large files by compressing and identifying them. With this aim in mind, you can achieve a lot with 50 GB worth of space.

MEGA API users may manage the encryption (they own the key). It also enables them to select who to give or prohibit access to their data. MEGA SDK comprises code and documentation that enables you to make use of MEGA’s API capabilities at a suitably high degree of abstraction.

Price: €4.99 monthly for 200 GB; €9.99 monthly for 1TB; €19.99 monthly for 4 TB; €29.99 monthly for 8 TB

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